AI Meeting Assistant to Help You Schedule Your Tasks Faster, Smarter

Many of us spend energy dreading the mundane tasks at work. Scheduling meetings is definitely one of them. Human beings are intelligent species that don’t need to spend time doing menial and tedious tasks. Simply because we can do so many other things with our time - productive and creative.

So, you know, you really don’t want to spend your work week doing tasks that take up all your space and leave little room for productivity and basic project management. Things like sending emails, responding to emails, booking meetings, reporting/notes on meetings, and posting updates can be managed by a machine. 

While all these tasks are essential at the base level, they need not require human attention and expertise. The series of such routine tasks are known as metawork. Metawork is obviously crucial to get everything done, but these are also something that can be completed using AI intelligence. In fact, all these tasks are repetitive in nature and can be accomplished more efficiently and faster with the help of an AI. 

Now that we are all getting used to the new normal, it is vital that we make human work lives as straightforward and flexible as it can be. Let’s move away from the so-called conventional tactics, and start referring to newer techniques of click-through presentation, pass out notes, and automated responses to emails.

Until a few years ago, artificial intelligence wasn’t capable of transferring human emotions into natural language in order to process it. But now that we have forayed in this juncture, it is time to make the most of it. The human assistants are faster and more efficient than ever. Every company is using AI assistants to provide better customer service. 

How can AI meeting assistant help?

As per McKinsey’s article, now is the best time for companies to adapt to digitization and transform the way things work. In simpler words, befriend your AI assistant. 

Virtual assistants are going to be a very integral part of work cultures as the technology matures. 

AI meeting assistant is an intelligent AI that can connect meetings with business knowledge assets and align them with the objectives. In fact, as per CISCO, the use of AI meeting assistant will be in five folds: 

Of course, these goals are yet to be fetched but are in the pipeline for the developers working round the clock to make AI as an integral part of our lives - both work and personal. 

AI meeting assistants will provide interactivity in workgroups resulting in a completely new and different experience. Think of it as the collaboration bot you have been waiting for. Something that can take the mundane tasks off your hands and deliver with utmost efficiency. As noted by Gartner, this implementation of AI meeting assistants will help with employment opportunities and contribute significantly to economic growth. 

AI meeting assistant in a nutshell

AI meeting assistant is the voice-enabled assistant that will recognize your voice, and turn your voice notes into actionable pointers from your meeting. This means it will:

Since humans are the most ambitious species on this planet, the developers of AI meeting assistants are also meaning to further add to this. They are looking to help meetings progress even better with the addition of analytical reports and relevant financial projections. 

Prepare yourself, your work is about to become cooler!

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