Manage your calendar and expenses with simple email

Deana.AI® assistant turns your email into a convenient tool for scheduling your time and tracking expenses. Send Deana an email at or hit the button below to get started.
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How Deana.AI® can help you

Calendar management

Events and Reminders

Ask Deana.AI® to schedule meetings and events in your Google calendar — and she will take care of sending you email reminders, so you won’t miss important events.

Expenses tracking

Receipts and Expense Reports

Send Deana.AI® a photo of your receipt for parking, meals, gas or hotels — and she will automatically create a report about your purchases.

Connect to cloud storage

Files on the cloud

Ask Deana.AI® to upload pictures, presentations and other files to your Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive as well as retrieve them whenever you want.

Document summarization

Text summary

When you don’t have time to read a multi-page white paper, news article, or just an email, Deana.AI® will summarize the document for you and send the information you need.

Intelligent assistant

Deana.AI® is a text-based artificial intelligence personal assistant that helps improve personal productivity using simple email. Send Deana.AI® a text message via email or your favorite messenger to let her know what you want to do next — schedule a meeting, track expenses, upload files on the cloud, and more.

Conversational AI

Deana.AI® uses natural language understanding, machine learning and predictive analytics behind the scenes to understand and execute user’s intents and provide a personalized conversational experience as she learns more about the user’s preferences and behavior.

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Why Deana.AI®

Get the most out of AI and email assistant for personal productivity.
Manage your calendar and expenses with simple email.

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