AI for Sales: How AI-powered Virtual Assistants Fuel up Your Lead Generation and Sales Strategy

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into every industry is already a practice. Therefore, businesses that want to keep up with their competitors, have to go ahead and implement all the latest technological updates within their digital marketing transformation.

Nowadays, it’s very easy to reach the right audience and induce engagement, once you have access to the right tools. Implementing intelligent virtual assistants and using the power of machine learning, sales teams can provide a pleasant customer experience. In the end, the enhanced user experience will result in having loyal customers, the establishment of a good brand reputation and gain higher revenue. 

However, you might be asking yourself: What is the AI driven sales and marketing technique that will result in customer success? For that purpose, we’ll elaborate on this topic further, discussing the implementation of AI for sales, especially the sales virtual assistant in your business development strategy. 

Intelligent virtual assistants engage the buyers throughout the whole sales process, from the very start of determining interest, up to winning back former customers. With the help of AI, you can engage demand and create outreach, sparking interest before the launching of your new service or product. Also, gathering hot leads through conversational AIs is just one of the sales enablement techniques.

What Is an AI Sales Assistant Software?

AI sales assistant software are helpful tools for sales professionals, mostly based on intelligent automation. This type of marketing automation includes the following processes: lead qualification and follow up messages, pipeline management, forecasting, scheduling, data entry, and much more. By using an automation platform for the routine processes, sales professionals can focus on some more complex tasks. 

Even though AI sales assistant software can be standalone products, many can be integrated with already existing CRM software and work along with other programs. There are various AI products on the market, so you can choose the most convenient option for you. Sometimes AI sales assistants can overlap with software for conversational marketing, or sales intelligence and analytics. However, what makes the AI sales assistant software different from other software is the task automation capability with a focus on the sales team.

The Top 3 Trending AI-Powered Virtual Assistants

According to the software reviews and rankings at G2, the top 3 AI tools for sales are listed below. Check them out and see which one you can take advantage of. 

HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot is a free platform that consists of 3 hubs: marketing hub, sales hub, and service hub. All of these tools are created to help your business grow faster and help you organize and track the leads generated, as well as nurture the already established customers. 


Creating full-funnel accountability by improving predictability and automation, Clari helps businesses streamline operations. The gathering of data and then analysing the activity signals from email, CRM, marketing automation, calendar, much efficient. Leading companies such as Adobe, Dropbox, Okta, etc. are using Clari to improve productivity, drive pipeline, and forecast revenue. 


The conversational marketing and sales platform Drift has the purpose of connecting businesses with customers. By using conversations, focusing on great customer support as well as customer service, it helps businesses get to valuable prospects and customers. Drift enables users to accelerate the sales cycle by generating more qualified leads. 

In Which Points Will AI Be Helpful?

Even though AI in marketing is still a concept not so much used or grasped by all companies, this is your chance to get the competitive advantage you need. Some key features that an AI-powered virtual assistant will offer you are the following.

Gaining Insights into Leads

Although you might be an expert in providing an insight into the market, you are only human. Therefore, you’ll need a machine to analyse essential leads data. AI will help you track the behaviour of the leads that you have and therefore prioritize some leads from a vast database.

Engage and Convert with Automation

We all know that leads don’t mean anything without conversion into sales. The role of AI is to engage the visitors by personalizing their on-site experience and help them satisfy their needs as well as interests. There are AI systems that are based on predictions over the interests of the users. This way moving the leads down the funnel can be done more efficiently. By keeping the leads engaged, all the way through their buying journey, the revenue and results are higher. 

Improve the Quality of Your Sales Pipeline 

Out of all the sales strategies, AI will help you distinguish which ones will bring you the most satisfying results. It can merge the efforts that your business is trying to leave on social media and other digital channels. By having a quality sales pipeline, it means that your organization costs and efforts will be reduced, while the revenue increased. All thanks to AI!

So, have you already chosen the AI-powered software that you’re going to use to enhance your business processes and increase your sales?

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